Since my last update in June, I find myself using the Microsoft Snipping Tool more often for those quick screen capture jobs.  But I am still using Printkey 2000 and Timesnapper.

Here are some others …


Name & download link Comments
Bug Shooting “Bug Shooting is a free screenshot utility that was developed for software testers who use bug tracking systems”
Cropper Capture “It offers a resizable, translucent capture area that can be moved and sized freely to capture the portions that you want to grab.”
Gadwin PrintScreen
Greenshot “Greenshot is a revolutionary screenshot tool optimized for productivity.”
HoverSnap “HoverSnap is a a free handy snapshot tool with jpg, png, bmp and gif support.HoverSnap can take snapshots of the full screen, active window or a selected area.”
Jing Recommended by Leo Laporte.
Lightscreen automates the capture of screenshots.
Microsoft Snipping Tool for XP Tablet For those times when you just want to “snip” part of a screen.
Microsoft Snipping Tool Vista It’s included!
MWsnap multi-language
PrintKey 2000 This is what I use.
See my previous blog post about it.
Screenshot Captor Donation-ware
Screen Hunter

Was free

FastStone Capture
Printkey-Pro the non-free & later version of PrintKey 2000.


Camtasia Studio Perhaps the best product of all.
Gadwin PrintScreen Pro As recommended by Scott Hanselman
Screen Discoverer
SnagIt the best known, and most widely used of the commercial products.
TimeSnapper “Automatic Screenshot Journal”
I use this on my work PC to track my tasks during the day.
Windows Clippings

Post updates:
3rd January 2009 update: added Greenshot & Microsoft Snipping Tool
25th April 2009 update: added HoverSnap & Snippy
16th May 2009 update: added Gadwin, Windows Clippings & WinSnap
3rd June 2009 update: added Screen Discover
12th September 2009: added Bug Shooter & Camtasia.  Fixed broken PrintKey 2000 link.