There was no TIFF viewer in Windows XP

imaging for windows Which we found out when we were piloting a Windows XP SOE release.  It was a serious “show stopper” for the rollout of Windows XP at this customer.  We’re talking 20,000+ desktops here.

Prior to Windows XP, going all the way back to Windows 95, there was the “Kodak Imaging for Windows” product.

It worked well.  In Microsoft Excel, a customer would click on the embedded TIF image, and Kodak Imaging for Windows would display the TIF.  It was missing in Windows XP.

We saw the Microsoft article, Kodak imaging for Windows is not included with Windows XP, and looked around for a solution.

There were four available to us:

  1. Buy the replacement product, eiStream Global360 Imaging for Windows.
    There was a cost involved, which the customer didn’t want to pay.
    Looking at today’s cost, $250 for a single license!, I don’t blame the customer.
  2. Write a customer solution based around Microsoft’s Windows® Image Acquisition Automation Library v2.0 Tool.
    Integrating it into the customer third-party business application, which generated the TIFF embedded Excel spreadsheet, looked difficult.
  3. Implement the Windows 2000 Kodak Imaging controls in Windows XP.
    This is really easy to do.  Essentially you take your Windows 2000 CD, copy some files off it, and install them into the Windows SYSTEM32 directory.
    Then regsvr32 the OCX files.  A piece of cake.
    Whether it is legal or not to do so, is debatable.
    Global 360 Inc. does seem to take a dim viewBut if you go here, you can see how it’s done.
  4. Obtain a copy of the “Windows XP Professional Direct CD Imaging Control” from Microsoft.

We were able to go with option 4 for our 20,000+ desktop customer.

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