Measuring your car’s speed.

gps_speedo_2 I’ve not had a speeding ticket since returning to Melbourne.  My partner puts this down to luck.  I put it down to using GPS software.

It’s a fact that your car’s speedometer will not be accurate.  Tyre size and wear play a big part.  Fit bigger tyres to your car, your speedo will read slow.  Even what pressure your tyres are inflated at, make a difference.

Now Australian Design Rules allow a +/- 10% tolerance in the speed that your speedometer reads.  The folks who issue you tickets do not.  So the key is to know how (in)accurate your speedo is.

I use GPS Speedo, as it’s free, and works on Windows Mobile.

With our Honda CR-V, it shows our speedo reads 6 km/h under.  So if I drive at 86 km/h, my actual speed is 80 km/h.  And I pass all the other traffic which thinks they are driving at 80 km/h.

Of course I don’t tell the my partner this, as she then will think “Oh, I can drive a 90 km/h and not get a ticket.”.  And then wonders “Why did I get a ticket for speeding?”.

GPS Speedo can be downloaded here.

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