ShieldBoxCloseup Back in 2001, the users were complaining that their computer screens had waves on them.

The cause of these “waves” were the HUGE electromagnetic fields being generated by the power distribution cable snaking though their ceiling.

The electromagnetic fields were so strong, it was creating the “waves” the end user users were reporting to me.

The brief from management:

The users cannot have LCD display screens, as they are too expensive at $1000 each.*

So I hunted around a bit, and found the “MagShield”.

The MagShield is a magnetic shield for computer CRT monitors.  A bargain at $400 each.

And the users were happy.

Nowadays, LCD display screens are the only display monitors you can buy cheaply, so that would be the solution today.  I expect the solution tomorrow might be e ink based.

* Management had had the experts in, who reported the amount of radiation being generated was less than the national standard.