CTOS_Logo With Geocities shutting down, I had to move the CTOS Faq site.

CTOS, my friends, was an kick-ass operating system which was released in 1979, and was supported for 20 years.

It was a big thing in the business community.  But Unisys stopped supporting CTOS at the end of 1999.  I documented those reasons why Unisys did, in: Frank Brandenberg, the man who killed the CTOS operating system.

Now transferring off Geocities was fairly easy, as I still had my backups from ten years ago.  I lost very little data.  And for the missing data, there is the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.

But there lies the problem.  The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine modify the html links in their pages to redirect to their archive copies (ie.… ).  Which means extra work in stripping those links out, carefully.

It’s been done, and you are invited to view a website design from 1999, the CTOS FAQ.