My Passport - 500GB drive

Update: Thinking of buying one?  Don’t, they suck.

The Western Digital “My Digital” External Hard Drive pictured right, is my latest IT purchase.

The reason I went for a WD drive, instead of a trusty Seagate?  Price.  The WD was 20% cheaper.  Oh, and I wanted to see how it compared to the Seagate.

In summary:
Good Fast Cheap - WD External Hard Drive

CHEAP gets a tick as, well, it was 20% cheaper than it’s competitor.

FAST.  It is notably faster than the Seagate 249GB External drive.  Truecrypt users might be interested that it took 10+ hours to format the drive.  The average write speed dropped to 9.5 MB/s.

GOOD.  Fails this.  It’s made to a price and it shows.  Want to use it with a USB1 equipped computer?  You’ll pay extra for that cable.  The case scratches easily.
No, I would not recommend buying one.

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