I needed to wipe the firmware off a BlackBerry.  Looking around, I found a useful little utility, JL_Cmder.
Now JL_Cmder is a frontend to the JavaLoader.exe, so you could use JavaLoader, but JL_Cmder makes it easier.


The JL_Cmder options do the following:

  1. deviceinfo – displays some info about the attached BlackBerry.
  2. eventlog – grabs and displays the BlackBerry event log.
  3. screenshot – takes a screenshot of the BlackBerry screen, in .BMP format.  I prefer BBscreenshooter.
  4. wipe – wipes the firmware from the device.
  5. resettofactory – resets the device to how it was “out of the box”.
  6. Command-Line Usage – lists the JavaLoader.exe command line switches.

You can download JL_Cmder here.