I raved on about Pocket Controller Pro as being a superb screen capture/remote control tool for Windows Mobile PDAs.

But it is not free.  It is licensed to an individual PC and PDA.

That licensing model REALLY annoys me.  It’s like they’re saying,

“Oi!  You’re a thief if you’re trying to use it on more than one PC”

MyMobilerIt’s REALLY annoying when you’ve paid for the product.

SO I went looking for an acceptable alternative.  MyMobiler is it.
On the GOOD-FAST-CHEAP review scale, it gets a
Fast? No

GOOD – Stable product.  Runs on Windows Mobile 6.1, and Windows 7 64-bit.  Which is outside the specifications for the program.  That tells me that it’s been well programmed.

FAST – No, there is a lag between what’s displayed on the PDA and what shows on the desktop PC.  I would guessimate that the delay is a 1/4 second.  It’s liveable.

CHEAP – undoubtedly, it’s free!

I’m very happy with MyMobiler, and heartily recommend it.

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