Step 1. Don’t bother.  As there are “user serviceable parts inside.”
Step 2. Well if you insist on opening this piece of crud, the actual steps follow.

Step 1
Western Digital "My Passport" drive - opening the case
– using a blunt, thin object (say a small screwdriver), slide it along the gap between the “body” and the “case”.
– work the screwdriver around the edge.

Step 2

Western Digital "My Passport" drive - sliding the drive away from the body.
– slide the body away from the case


Step 2a

step2awdpassportv1Western Digital "My Passport" drive - the case
(the drive separated from the case)

Step 3

Western Digital "My Passport" drive - in parts

Drive details

Model: WD5000BMVU-11A08S0
Why I don’t like it?: It was a SATA drive which Western Digital has grafted a permanent USB interface.  It sucks.

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