When creating a desktop operating system install, we’ll often have a “computer specific” section, where we’ll install particular software for particular PCs.  For example, we would install fingerprint scanning software on those Lenovo laptops which had a fingerprint scanner built in.

But what if we’d detected a PC we don’t know about?

Throw up an error:
Generic PC Found

Like all good idiot proofing, we were countering the actions of idiots.  The two reasons which drove that were:

  1. The computer manufacturer, HP in this case, AKA the Integration Centre, would introduce a a new model without telling us SOE developers.
    The first we’d hear about it, was when an end user would ring up and say “my PC doesn’t play sound …”
  2. Our Desktop Support staff, WHO SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER, would install the desktop operating system image on a PC which wasn’t supported.
    And then complain to everyone but us, that the SOE build was broken.Bookmark and Share