ARS USB2ISA Adapter board Got an old PC which you cannot replace because it’s got a specialised ISA Adapter board in it?

ISA, dear reader, was introduced in 1981, with the original IBM PC.  By 2000, ISA was a dead standard.

I remember one of my customers had a stack of 80386 systems piled in a corner.  “What are those for?”, I queried.
’Those are for the CashTally system.  It won’t work with later hardware.’, was the customer reply.
Yes, the CashTally system used specialised hardware.

So what do you do, if you have ISA adapter cards, which you must keep using?

Well one solution, is to drop over to ARS Technologies and buy yourself a USB2ISA adapter.

Sure, it’s not cheap at $149USD.  But if you had to re-develop a custom system to do what your current ISA adapter is doing, how much would you be looking at?

(The bigger argument is, what the heck are you doing stuck on hardware which requires an ISA adapter?  If that ISA adapter you’re using is that CRITICAL, I wouldn’t be relying on a $149USD adapter to dodge the “I have not updated my application/system because I’m a cheap arse” bullet.)

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