The call came in:

Noddy22 has less than 5% disk space left.

Our Microsoft SMS 2003 servers are getting a bit tired, and we really don’t want to replace them just now.  There is a SCCM 2007 upgrade project on the horizon.  Or so it’s claimed.

Not many people have seen a Yeti either.

So we make do.  Which means I see if we can remove any software packages from the server (whoopee! I’ve found 10).  Then I thought, what about those compressed package files SMS 2003 creates when it distributes the packages to the servers (including Noddy22)?  .PCK files.

Now you just can’t delete .PCK files, as it breaks package distributions.  I was so grateful that I googled and found Shaun Cassell’s Savings Space on SMS / SCCM servers by deleting PCK files – the pitfalls and fixes article.  Because I was just going to do that very thing.  Dodged a bullet right there.

But, we had more .PCK files on Noddy22 than software packages, what gives?

I suspect that the packages were loaded onto Noddy22 with the SMS 2003 Toolkit 2 utility, Package Loader.  Which created some orphan .PCKs.

My solution?  I compared the .PCK files (240 of them!) to the actual package directories (180!) on the Noddy22server.  And then deleted the 60 orphan .PCK files.

Noddy22 much healthier now.

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