Backup mistakes I’ve made.

Confessions can be good.  Here are mine around backup mistakes I’ve made.

  1. Copy “new” backup disk over the “old” backup disk.
    The “new” disk was blank!
    I (almost) “lost” 5 years of irreplaceable photos.  Fortunately I found an “old old” backup.
    What it cost me: 100+ photos / 4 hours.
  2. Production server: Disk to Disk backup.
    Setup a nightly backup of SOELAB1 server, so it copies all the changes to SOELAB1BUP.
    Some time later, try and recover a file from SOELAB1BUP.  It’s not there.
    Ask co-worker:
    ”Oh, we were running out of backup space so we don’t backup ISO files anymore.”
    What it cost me: Operating system install disk needed for fault investigation.
  3. CTOS FAQ website.
    GeoCities was shutting down on 26th October 2009.  I thought it was the 31st October.
    What it cost me: complete website and Google Pagerank of 1 for CTOS.  3 files gone forever & 15 hours recovery time (had a 10 year backup).
  4. Forget to backup the backup file.
    wingdings-tick-box Make a backup of the Wisefaq web server.
    wingdings-cross-box Download it, and store the backup locally.
    Yes, I forgot to download the backup.  I did several WordPress upgrades before I realised.
    What it cost me: nothing (phew!).  Potential lost, everything.

If you can learn something from my mistakes, more power to you.

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