Confessions can be good.  Here are mine around backup mistakes I’ve made.

  1. Copy “new” backup disk over the “old” backup disk.
    The “new” disk was blank!
    I (almost) “lost” 5 years of irreplaceable photos.  Fortunately I found an “old old” backup.
    What it cost me: 100+ photos / 4 hours.
  2. Production server: Disk to Disk backup.
    Setup a nightly backup of SOELAB1 server, so it copies all the changes to SOELAB1BUP.
    Some time later, try and recover a file from SOELAB1BUP.  It’s not there.
    Ask co-worker:
    ”Oh, we were running out of backup space so we don’t backup ISO files anymore.”
    What it cost me: Operating system install disk needed for fault investigation.
  3. CTOS FAQ website.
    GeoCities was shutting down on 26th October 2009.  I thought it was the 31st October.
    What it cost me: complete website and Google Pagerank of 1 for CTOS.  3 files gone forever & 15 hours recovery time (had a 10 year backup).
  4. Forget to backup the backup file.
    wingdings-tick-box Make a backup of the Wisefaq web server.
    wingdings-cross-box Download it, and store the backup locally.
    Yes, I forgot to download the backup.  I did several WordPress upgrades before I realised.
    What it cost me: nothing (phew!).  Potential lost, everything.

If you can learn something from my mistakes, more power to you.

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