Buy Your Kids A Job - photo taken in September 2009, with the help of Ms. Edwards Ah, Australia Day, the day the British rowed ashore and claimed Australia for King George III.  Since 1988, it has been claimed by the politicians as a way to glad-hand the common folk and kiss babies.  Don’t believe me?  Our latest Prime Minister turned the announcement of the “Australian Of The Year” into a rock concert.

“After the official proceedings, popular bands Evermore and Rogue Traders rocked the crowd at a free concert.”

And I could bang on about many of the bozos picked for “Australian Of The Year”, but let me just pick one:
Pat Rafter, tennis player.  Chiefly known for living in Bermuda to avoid paying Australian income tax.

For me, Australia Day is about having a quiet beer and burning a few snags on the barbie.

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