“It’s not what you see that counts, it’s what you know is there”

In the news the other day, there were some photos of Jennifer Hawkins, and I got to thinking how we measure beauty.Smoking Hot BBW - because I have no problem taking a "weight penalty" if I get to wake up to that face (and that chest)

And I wish I knew. There would be a dollar in knowing the formula for sure.  Googling around, I found this quote from Helen Razer, which might explain why Jen does nothing for me:

If you’d ever met Jen, which I did briefly during Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival, you would only be happy that the dear lamb has something so extraordinary to offer. The woman seems unable to make a sentence. Seriously. This is not sour grapes but the truth. Her grasp on object and verb was so poor that my producer that day, an habitual sycophant when it came to celebrities, said “$^@$ me. What the @#@1 did she say? We can’t put her on the radio. People will cry.”

Helen has confirmed what I suspected.  Beautiful to look at, but only slightly more conversation than the average milking cow.

The picture on the right?  Found it on the motivatedphotos.com website.  Just goes to show; beauty does come in all shapes and sizes, and can be found anywhere.

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