alokSo where did the Transport Ticketing Authority have the programming for the done?

In Australia, you might think, as we don’t want people’s financial details to be going offshore, particularly with a project being paid for the Victorian Government.

Well you be wrong, try Bangalore.  Say hello to “aloknathlight

10th November 2009, Perl Beginners Mailing List

I think I can post the  issue related to ‘mechanize’ here.
I am using www::mechanize to login and logout to a particular page.
When I submit the credential(i.e username and password) and try to
view the content, I don’t see anything.
When I view the source, I see it has jscript code in it. Is the
problem because www::mechanize doesn’t supports jscript ?
Is there any work around for the above issue or can Iuse some other
module ?

Fyi, my objective is to test the website for 100 or more logins.

Please find the snippet of my script and the source for the page.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Fyi, my objective is to test the website for 100 or more logins”.  The user base of the Myki system is supposed to be 1 million people, and he only wants to scale the website for 100 logons?  And before you ask, how do we know it’s the MyMyki system?

<link id="ctl00_uxMykiCss" rel="stylesheet" href="include/css/myki.css"

1st July 2007, Perl Beginners Mailing List, Parsing a line:

Hi Chas,
Can you please explain the portion ( ([\w ]*\w)\s*= )of the regex.?
And why its stored in $s.Can it be directly stored in hash my %rec.

4th January 2008, Hilpers Perl List

I wanted to recursively copy the contents of a directory(both directory and files) from one folder to the other.
The below code does only copy of directories but leaves behind files.
Can anybody help me how to do that ?

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