“What do you do for a living?”

“Not IT, no sir-ee.  I shuffle papers for a living.  See the shine in the seat of my trousers?  Don’t leave my chair all day”

Yes, I do have a crystal ball on my desk.  Yes, it is broken.That’s the story most people get when I’m asked.

Only IT Workers and Doctors get the truth when they ask.

If you’re a doctor, and I’ve seen a few of them recently, you’ll get the truth.  Doctors understand.

Doctors understand that, as soon as you tell people that you work as a doctor, the “oh I’ve got this strange lump, could it be cancerous?” question soon follows.  Readers are invited to suggest what the computer version of it is.  The question I most often get is “My computer is slow, why?”.  Sometimes followed by, “What sort of computer should I buy?

Doctors get told: I assist IT support staff with problems they cannot solve, and customers when they complain loudly enough to management about their issues.

The IT Worker version goes something like this:
I work in SOE development, and also provide 3rd level support for numpty users, and technicians, who ask questions like “Dude, you people didn’t test the printer properly! It doesn’t print colour”.  I also provide free support for numpty vendors, who’s idea of saving money is to outsource driver creation to “Gumpta of the Calcutta Black Hole”.  Don’t laugh, it happens.

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