AD User - Terminal Services Profile We used to hard-code a user’s home directory in a logon script; just like this:

net use H: \\NODDY22\%Username%$

Of course, it becomes a problem when you need to change some of the users to another server.  Say for load balancing.

So you think to yourself, “Oh, I’ll just use the %homeshare% variable!”
(%homeshare% contains the link to the user’s home directory, as stored in Active Directory).

net use H: %homeshare%

All goes fine, until someone logs onto a Citrix/Terminal Server.

“Wahhhh, I don’t have a home drive anymore”.

The cause? In the AD User Properties, you have a Profiles tab AND a Terminal Services Profile tab.

Guess which %homeshare% is loaded when you log on to a Terminal Server?  That’ll be the one in the Terminal Services Profile tab Chucky.  And yes, it was different from the users normal home directory.

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