So, I deleted 19 photos off my USB stick that I shouldn’t have, it was one of those “oh crap!!!” moments.  As soon as I deleted the files, waahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Seemed like a good opportunity to check out the programs I have listed in 10 free programs to recover deleted files.   I’d be interested if you have any other recommendations.  Here are the results of 3 programs I tried with Windows XP:

Crashed on the scan of the USB stick, so I’d mark this as a fail.  Program was last updated in 2004, so no chances of any support there.
Restoration undelete program

This program has the reputation of being the best at restoring delete photo files.  The command line look to it would confuse some people.  It only found 14 photos, so it’s a fail for me.

The “wizard mode” would be a boon for novice users, and I guess for those people who just suffered a “oh crap!!!” moment.  Found 18 photos in normal mode (0.23 seconds), and 19 photos in “deep scan” mode (211 seconds).  I’d rate this as a solid “Pass”.

Only 7 more programs to test.

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