And the reasons for not touching these programs would be for one of the following reasons:

  • They crashed!
  • They didn’t find any deleted photos
  • They didn’t find all the 19 deleted photos.

(you can see the un-delete programs I would use here).

They crashed!

PC Inspector File Recovery
PC InspectorFile Recovery - crashed in Shell32PC InspectorFile Recovery - crashed in filerecovery

PC Inspector Smart Recovery
pc inspector - smart recovery
(hung after 4 hours of processing.  Had to reboot the computer to recover)

Restoration undelete program
(crashed on the scan of the USB stick)

They didn’t find any deleted photos

SoftPerfect File Recovery
SoftPerfect File Recovery
(no photos, my guess? it doesn’t process sub-directories)

They didn’t find all the deleted photos

GetDataBack for Fat 4.00
GetDataBack for FAT
(18 photos)

(14 photos.  It was a surprise.  This program has a very good reputation)

Recover Files v3.21
Recover Files 321
(18 photos)

Recover My Files v4.5.2
Recover My Fles v452
(18 photos)

Undelete Plus
(18 Photos)

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