htc-snap I carried the HTC Snap for a week, and was surprised how much I actually liked it.  It has the same Windows Phone operating system as the Samsung Blackjack II I loathed in my The Good, the Bad, and the “Git Off My Lawn, Boy” post.


The difference I think, is the processor speed.  The HTC Snap has a 528Mhz processor, compared to the 260Mhz processor in the BlackJack II.

Battery life? Well I got 2 days out of the Snap before I had to charge it.  Sure, it’s not great, but it’s a compromise given the small width of the Snap (12mm).

The web browser isn’t that good.  My usual replacement choice is Opera Mini, but Windows based PDAs don’t have Java by default, so that ruled Opera out.  And normally, Pocket Internet Explorer is ok to use, but the version which ships with Windows Phone 6.1 is pitiful.  Slow to load and difficult to navigate.

The biggest surprise in using the browser, is that the HTC FAQ site for the HTC Snap isn’t mobile friendly:
HTC Snap - FAQ site

Why would I buy this phone? Well the slim width of it at 12mm.  And the price.  Shopbot has retailers selling the phone from $300.  A good little cheap Windows Smartphone.

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