HP makes it easy to hate them.  And I’m not the only one who does.  Angry Technician does a fine line of HP hatingToday’s hate post topic?  The HP Printer Status Notification Pop-up (SNP) message:

HP Status Notification Messages - non admin 

One of our customers complained about the message.  They don’t want to be bugged by any printer messages.  I don’t want to see these messages either, as I think it’s blatant advertising.  “Shop for Supplies”, ha!

The escalated support call landed on my desk.  This was after our talented Level 2 support folks couldn’t find the solution.  I don’t entirely blame them, as you can’t disable it from the customer’s desktop.  The tech I blame is the chap who installed the driver in the first place.  As he/she should have noticed the problem, and disabled SNP.

To remove the notification , you need to log on the server, or PC, which is hosting the printer.  When you do, you see the SNP has an additional option, “Notification Settings”. 

HP Status Notification Messages

Sufficient to say, every HP printer in the Wisefaq domain has this set to Disabled.

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