Sprite Backup - what it backs upThere are “free” backup programs, if you have a search around XDA Developers.  Sometimes “free” is a code word for pirated.  I much prefer to purchase my software.  So I  purchased Sprite Backup.  Which is want I’ve done.  Sprite Backup is one of the few programs I’ve found which  backs up phone call and SMS logs.

Sprite Backup - warning If you select an item which is being sync’d to another device, such as a PC with Outlook, Sprite Backup will warn you.

After you’ve selected the backup location, Sprite Backup will ask you to restart your Windows PDA.  This is so Sprite Backup can backup files in use by the operating system.

Sprite Backup - Backup progressOn the loan iMate 9502 I had, it backed up 30.51MB.

Now I handed over $29.95 for this program, so I am happy with it.  I like that fact that it creates self-extracting backups.  Handy for when you are moving to a new device.

What I didn’t like, was that I wasn’t able to take a Windows Mobile 6.5 backup, and restore it to a Windows Mobile 6.1 device.

I should have known better of course.

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