I found two programs, each does the job.  I thought UNetBootIn was better than the Universal USB Installer, but this was because UNetBootIn works under 64-bit Windows.  Apart from that, either would be fine.

It looks basic, but it works.

UNetbootin - Main screen UNetbootin - Extracting files

It gives you the option to download the ISO directly from the internet.  Useful, but I’d prefer to download a copy myself, so I can re-use it later.

If I had a complaint, it is this:

UNetbootin - annoyance

If you are going to use the USB stick on another system, you don’t need to reboot.
UNetBootin does works with Windows 64-bit.

You can download UNetBootin here.

Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer - Main MenuUniversal USB Installer - Installing ISO

When they say Universal, they mean Universal for any Linux distribution.  The drop down menu allows you to select one of the common Linux distributions, or you can “Try Some Other Live Linux ISO”.  Curiously enough, Debian is not listed, so I went with “Try Some Other Live Linux ISO”

My single gripe with this program?  It does not work with 64-bit Windows.

You can download the Universal USB Installer here.

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