PrimalScript_box Sapien make, what I think is the best script editor available.  It’s called PrimalScript.  Not cheap, but it was the only way I know to step though a PowerShell script.  That’s changed with PowerShell 2, with it’s ISE.  But I’m still sticking with PrimalScript.

Sapien make a number of free tools available, and since I believe they preserve a wider audience, see below.

“We’re making these tools available for free to the scripting community. While many are designed specifically for VBScript or ASP, the ones implemented as COM components will work with any COM-compatible language, including JScript, KiXtart, VBScript, and so forth. Instructions for using each is included in a separate PDF file, linked below.

We’re granting you a free, non-exclusive license to use these tools. However, these tools are not public domain. You should read our Community Tools Universal License Agreement, since by using these tools, you’re agreeing to the terms of that License Agreement.

“Best effort” technical support for these tools is provided in SAPIEN’s Support Forums. Note that you must have a free MySapien account to access the forums.” :

Tool Name Description
ActiveX PowerShell (ActiveXPosh) A COM component that can be used from VBScript, JScript, KiXtart, or any other COM-compatible language. Allows you to create a direct Powershell host and use cmdlets and scripts from within your favorite scripting language. Multiple output options make integration flexible. Samples included.
File Owner Component This little COM component allows you to get and set the owner of files and folders. VBScript sample files is included. Please note that you MUST be an administrator to set file or folder ownerships. Run regsvr32 FileOwner.dll on your system to register the component.
File Transfer Protocol Automation Object A COM component that can be used from VBScript, PowerShell, KiXtart, or any other COM-compatible language. Allows you to connect to remote FTP servers (SFTP not supported, although you can specify login credentials) and Get/Put files. A quick and easy way to automate FTP. Samples included.
FileTypes A graphical utility to help manage the file type associations – what application opens what documents – on your system. Especially useful for re-associating files with PrimalScript (or another application) if they’re not correct.
iPowerShell iPowerShell is an easy to use iPhone/iPod Touch reference tool for users of Microsoft’s PowerShell scripting language. It contains full descriptions of each and every core PowerShell Version 1 cmdlet, their syntax, parameters and examples of proper usage. It also contains the complete set of “about item” help topics. iPowerShell is available FREE on the Apple iTunes AppStore.
Logon Script Generator This free tool is an HTA that generates a fully functional VBScript logon script. Now you can script without scripting! At the very least you can quickly generate the foundation of a VBScript logon script that you can further modify and extend. The HTA generates VBScript code, lets you preview it and then save it to a file. Once saved, you can edit the code in PrimalScript with the click of a button. If you don’t have PrimalScript, the saved script can be opened in Notepad. Requirements: Windows XP and an Active Directory domain.
Powershell TFM V1 eBook The original Powershell V.1 book that had it all. Now available as a FREE ebook.
PrimalForms Community Edition PrimalForms Community Edition is a free GUI builder tool for PowerShell users. It edits and stores Windows Forms in a native XML format and generates PowerShell code on demand. Sample forms included.
PrimalPad Community Edition A single file editor with color coding for HTML, VBScript, JScript and PowerShell, with line numbers and a multi-tabbed environment. No installation required, just one single executable file. Free for personal, educational or non-profit use.
PrimalTask A standalone version of the “To Do” browser to PrimalScript 2007 Enterprise and Universal. Allows you to create project task lists so that you don’t forget anything.
SAPIEN PowerShell Extensions (PshX-SAPIEN) v1.2 A collection of useful cmdlets to add into Windows PowerShell, such as logon script cmdlets for checking group membership, memory-inventory cmdlets, database cmdlets, and more. Instructions are included in the downloadable ZIP file.
Windows PowerShell Help 2.0 Displays detailed help for all PowerShell cmdlets – a convenient, on-screen reference while working in PowerShell, or when developing scripts. Note that PrimalScript 2009 displays this information in the new “Help” tab right within the product.
WMI Explorer Find every WMI namespace and class on your computer, and see each classes properties, methods, and so forth – makes working with WMI a snap. Has some great surprise functionality – be sure to read the docs! Useful for scripters as well as for .NET programmers.
WMI Wizard A WMI Wizard created using PrimalForms used to query a remote machine for Win32 classes. When you select a class from the drop down list, you’ll see a help description and a list of all properties for that class. Select a property to see what type it is and a help description. If the property has values, like DriveType in the Win32_LogicalDisk, these values will be displayed as well.

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