Diners Card Logo - should be called "Arseholes Are Us""It takes you two months to process my company credit card expense reimbursement.  So I get in trouble every month for incurring late fees.  Why must I be punished for your incompetence?"  'Apparently I'm awesome.'

This happened to me once.  One of my previous employers insisted on the use of a Diners Club charge cardfor business travel.  “The Card No One Accepts!”, we’d joke, as few companies WOULD accept it.  “High merchant fees”, was the excuse a retailer would often give.

Anyhow, our “awesome” accounts department failed to process an invoice on time, so I got hit with a charge for $39.34.

Diner's Card - Liquidated Damages

Since then, I maintained a positive balance on my Diners card.

But the really annoying thing??? When I closed my Diners Card account, the bastards at Diners refused to pay me the credit balance.

Diners Card - Credit Balance

Oh yes, after all these years, it still annoys me.  It will be a cold night in Hell before I ever have another Diners Club Card.

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