Grumble grumble – revisiting the WMI fix

I work with some clever people, such as Mark W., who pointed out this Microsoft blog post
WMI Troubleshooting Tips,
which advised against deleting the WMI Repository.

Rebuilding the WMI repository is a destructive operation that can lead to data loss, applications breaking, and a whole host of slow to appear, difficult to diagnose problems.

And guess what?  not deleting the repository actually works out better for me, and the SMS 2003 Client install.

When I say better, I mean that the SMS 2003 Client seems to repair itself better & faster.  “Snap of the fingers” fast.

I’m doing a mass rollout next week of the repair script, so we’ll see how it goes.

The first post in the series, “WMI has stopped working on some remote computers”, is here.
The final post in the series, “The WMI fix, which is better”, is here.

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