So you think you’re funny.

Those bunch of funsters over at Microsoft Education have found a way to measure humour as a job competency.  It makes me want to barf.

Level 1: Basic Level 2: Intermediate Level 3: Advanced Level 4: Expert

Generally uses humor in a positive way

Uses humor to bring people together

Knows exactly when and where a joke or story will be effective

Can see humor in almost everything

Is conscientious about timing and setting for humor

Uses humor to boost morale or decrease tension

Has a great sense of timing

Sought out by others for guidance in this area

Tries to defuse tense situations with appropriate humor

Uses humor to make for a more relaxed and productive atmosphere

Realizes when and where humor will backfire, and withholds

Uses humor as a uniting dynamic across a range of situations

Can laugh at self and others

Allows others to be funny

Understands that laughter makes a more comfortable meeting, classroom, etc

Recognizing and appreciates a great sense of humor in others

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