Cleaning a keyboard in the dishwasher.

keyboard - dirty Keyboards get very dirty.  Everything seems to drop into them, such as hair, skin flakes, and food.  When I learnt how to clean keyboards, cigarette ash was common enough as well. 


There are two ways to clean a keyboard, disassemble and wash by hand; or dishwasher.  This post will cover using a dishwasher.

Why?  Well doing this:
Keyboard - disassembled
takes me about 4 hours.

I did this on a keyboard I can afford to replace if it didn’t work.
You might want to think about that.

1. Preparation
Tie up the keyboard lead
1 - tie up keyboard lead 

b. Place the keyboard, upside down into the dishwasher AND place the keyboard lead somewhere where it would be able to get tangled with the wash arm.
1a - in dishwasher

c. set the dishwasher to a Normal wash.

and press start.

A note about the Normal Wash Program.
Some people say to use an “Eco” or “Water Saving” wash, as a Normal wash is too hot for the keyboard.  Because it gets too hot, it will warp the keyboard, or even melt the keys.

I didn’t have that problem.

Normal Wash on my dishwasher has:
2 pre-wash cycles
1 wash cycle (at 140ºF / 60ºC)
1 post rinse
1 final rinse (at 140ºF / 60ºC)
1 Drying phase.

After the wash
a. stand it up, and leave it 5 minutes to let the water drain out.
2a - let the water run out
b. not all the water will drain out though.
2b - still some water
(I’d give the keyboard a bit of a shake to get the excess water out).

c. store the keyboard upside down to dry out for several days. 

(you could place it in the sun, or a nice warm computer room).

d. plug it in, and it should work. 
(if it doesn’t, time for a new keyboard).

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