As I said to the boss the other day when he asked if we wanted a final backup of the Windows 2000 Server we were decommissioning.  Now where I first heard this saying, is lost in the mists of time.  If pressed, I’d say some sort of security briefing.

Regardless, it expresses what I think about backups very well.  And I was reminded of it the other day.  I was copying some files from one backup drive to another, and McAfee chirped in with
McAfee - fake av

“Potentially Unwanted Program??” What the ???

Windows Enabler was a utility I used some years ago, which I’d forgotten about.  I tend to hoard these utilities in case I ever need them again.  I was greatly annoyed that McAfee decided to delete this utility for the reason “Potentially Unwanted Program”.

I ended up recovering the deleted files from CD backup.

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