asked our newest SOE Developer.  The best tool I’ve found for this is CABPACK v1.4, which was last updated in 1999.  The age of the program might give you some idea about how often we need to extract files from CAB files these days.
ie. not very often.

It was fairly common back in the DOS/Windows 95/98 days to modify CAB files.  Often you’d do it so you could add new hardware drivers to an install floppy disk.  CABPACK was what I used.  There were others; and if you Google for them, you’ll find them.

And to be honest with you, I am glad that the days of crafting custom CAB files have gone.  No more the time consuming reboot testing to see if the CAB file change worked (this was before Virtual Machine image testing became fashionable).

With the march of technology, later Windows operating systems now use the Microsoft DPINST utility to embed drivers into the operating system.

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