What is that font?

I was given a paper document which I was asked to scan in and convert to a Microsoft Word document.  That isn’t as hard as it sounds, as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software has been available for a long time.

What is difficult though, is trying to match up the exact font the original document used.  I’m not a graphical designer, or a typesetter. I work in IT, so recognising a particular font is not easy for me.

Fortunately there is the WhatTheFont site, which makes font detection just a little easier.  It’s a three step process.

  1. You upload a picture of your font
    WhatTheFont - What is this font
  2. WhatTheFont then analyses what you uploaded,
    then asks you confirm each letter,
    WhatTheFont - Character selection
  3. And finally gives you some font choices.
    WhatTheFont - result

I’m going to use “Times New Roman PS”, as I believe it’s the most likely font the original document author used..

Update: This article might be useful: How To Pick The Perfect Typeface

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