WinPE and TCP Registry Compatibility driver not loading

winpe I’m currently creating a Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) boot disk, for our desktop technicians.  The brief was:

  • need to able to use Symantec Ghost, to image Windows PCs.
  • need to be able to open Truecrypt folders.

I’ve pretty much got it sorted now, but I did had a problem with the TCP Registry Compatibility driver not loading.  Since it can’t load, I was not able to get the WinPE build to connect to the network.  The instructions I have say

Obtain tcpipreg.sys from from your licensed Windows 7 build and place here.  PENetCfg will not work without this file.  Also this file is OS and version specific, so you will need a copy of your Windows 7 32-bit OS for this particular build.

Luckily I had a Windows 7 disk I could quickly extract tcpipreg.sys from.  So I did, copied it into the WinPE build.  And it failed.  After spending some time doing diagnosis, I found the root cause.  I picked up the 64-bit Windows 7 disc by mistake.


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