Inside a RSA SecurID tag

This is a “new style” RSA SecurID token.
RSA Securid Token

It, like the older style token, generates a code number every 30 seconds.  With the code number, and a PIN code and a username/password, I’m able to logon to my employer’s computers, from anywhere in the world.  The SecurID tokens are supposed to be tamper resistant.

In fact, the electronics package is mostly covered in a soft plastic coating.  The kind of plastic you might pour over a insect to preserve it.  It is fairly easy to remove, so it doesn’t seem that resistant to me.  The CR-2032 battery is soldered to the electronics board, so you can’t re-use it.
RSA SecurID opened up RSA SecurID Token, some plastic scrapped away

You’d hear stories about the old token, such as opening the case would cause the SecurID token to immediately disable itself.  I was disappointed that the newer model didn’t do that.  For those who don’t remember the old token, here’s what they looked like:
RSA SecurID token displaying OFF

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