SpinRite 6 is really worth the moneyI’d like to say it was a backup problem, but see if you can spot the flaw in the customer’s “I make backups” argument, which I’ve condensed down to the essential points of what happened.

  1. I copy “My Documents” to my external hard drive.
  2. To free up space of my computer, I delete files off my computer, including “My Documents”.
  3. I’m getting some disk errors on my external drive.

The sharp-eyed amongst you, or those who have read “Backups with the 3-2-1 rule”, will have realised that at point 2, the customer no longer had a backup.  They now had an original. To explain it in simple words, the only copy they now had was sitting on the external drive, which had faults on it.  I was able to fix the external drive with SpinRite.  And I left the customer much better educated about backups.

If you only have ONE of something, it’s not backed up.

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