Want to get around “we only ship to USA addresses” problem with some online vendors?

Well there are a couple of vendors who can help you for a price.

Disclaimer: I’ve used none of these, but know people who have.

Bongo International Bongo International
As written up by LifeHacker.  Only ships via DHL or FedEX, which makes it expensive compared to other re-shippers who use USPS.  I know someone who switched from them to …

Shipito Shipito
”Efficient, cheap, uses USPS which means cheap postage” was some of the feedback I’ve received.

VIAddress VIAddress
Commenter Myra said: “I can personally recommend it because I’ve used their service a few times and the whole experience is stellar! :)”
Feedback from a Shipito user: “Gee, it’s almost to good to be true!”

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