Use the WP Super Cache plugin.  In the case of, pages load three times quicker with it.  JErm asked in the comments for the “Make it go faster – Enabling GZip Compression

How does this relate to WP-Super-Cache usage? Can they work hand-in-hand to make your site load even faster?

Yes they can.  I did some measurements of WP Super Cache turned off & on.
WP Super Cache
  (figures in milliseconds, lower is better)

WP Super Cache makes a big difference.  If you can make your page(s) load quicker, your visitors, and Google will thank you for it.

Why Google you ask?  Well, Google are now taking Page Speed into consideration for search ranking. So anything you can do to improve your page load speed is going to help.

But don’t just take my word for it, have a read of the Performance Benchmarks section of the WP Super Cache page.

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