SMS Client Health Startup Script and Cross Domain logons.

PowerShell logoI’m in the process of piloting the DudeWorks/1E/Shaun Cassells SMS SCCM Client Health script.  I’ve set it up so it runs in the user’s logon script.  But there’s a bug with that.

  • User FRED is the CONTOSO domain
  • User FRED logons onto a computer which is part of the TOLERDO domain.
  • SMS Client Health script tries to repair the TOLERDO domain computer
    (not a good thing).

The fix?
Update the script to check to see if the user is logging onto a computer in their own domain.  The scripts changes were:

  1. CONFIG Settings section
    Added sThisDomain="CONTOSO"
  2. In the START section, just after the Create Log file call
    ' Check Domain to ensure a CONTOSO user isn't logging onto a TOLERDO PC.
  3. And finally, added this subroutine:
    Sub Sub_Check_Domain
         If InStr(objSysInfo.ComputerName, LCase(sThisDomain)) = 0 Then
    COLLECTMSG "Sub_Check_Domain","","A " + sThisDomain + " user has logged onto a non " + sThisDomain + " PC"

            COLLECTMSG "Sub_Check_Domain","","objSysInfo.ComputerName is set to: " + objSysInfo.ComputerName
             CLIENTSTATE = 99
             StrERRType = StrERRType & "WRONG_Domain_"
             COLLECTMSG "Sub_Check_Domain","","PC is in domain:" + sThisDomain
        End If
    End Sub

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