Automatically encrypting Firefox web pages

HTTPS_Everywhere_new_logoto stop snooping eyes from viewing what you’re doing.

Well you could use the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox plugin by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The idea is simple.  You go to a web site, like , and if there is a secure version (say, you’ll be automatically redirected to it.

Useful?  Maybe…

If you don’t want your employer viewing your Google search, or Twitter, it might work for you.

The 0.2.2 release of HTTPS Everywhere currently has support for the following 27 web sites:
Amazon, DuckDuckGo, EFF, Facebook, GMX, Google, GoogleAPIs, GoogleServices, Identica, Ixquick, Live,, Meebo, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nederland, NYTimes, PayPal, Scroogle, Torproject, Twitter, WashingtonPost, Wikipedia, WordPress, zGentooBugzilla, zNoisebridge, Zoho

You can download the HTTPS Everywhere plugin here.

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