Google, by itself, only gets you so far when you’re hunting down a Microsoft problem.  Sometimes you need to do some advance searching to find your answer.  Here are some of the things I try when a plain Google search doesn’t give me the solution.

Microsoft Help and Support (aka the Knowledge Base)
This is where Microsoft record details of issues they have in their products. You can use the Google “site:” search parameter to narrow your search to the
This is how you do it (click on the picture to see the results):
google site search

Looking for a patch or fix? Use the Microsoft keywords to narrow the search down.
support keyword fixes
Microsoft has documented the list of keywords here.

Microsoft blogs.
These are the hidden gems. Written by the folks who design & support the products, often you’ll find an answer here.
TechNet blogs are used by the support teams.
technet blogs search

MSDN blogs are used by programming types.
msdn search

TechNet Wiki Beta
”The home of community-generated content about Microsoft technologies — that anyone can edit!  Dive straight in! Use the search (above), tag cloud, featured articles page, or portals below to find the information you need.”

And finally, check the Microsoft Forums.
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