CopyWipe v1.14 It worked.  It took 1hr 29min.  Comprehensive set of wipe options, which you can pre-customised with a configuration file.  The name CopyWipe comes from the fact that the utility lets you Copy or Wipe a hard disk.

Version tested: CopyWipe DOS v1.14

Plus points:

  • it’s free!
  • the makedisk utility made creating a “kill” cd-rom very easy.

Things I didn’t like:

  • there was nothing I didn’t like.
    It worked as advertised.

Test notes:

  • Accepted the defaults, which was a single pass mode
    (same as Active@ Killdisk Free Edition)
  • Other wipe options are:
    Quick 1 Pass
    Random 1, 4 or 8 pass
    Pattern  PG MFM 28 Pass
    Pattern PG RLL(1,7) 26 Pass
    Pattern PG RLL(2,7) 23 Pass
    Pattern PG 35 Pass
    Pattern Hardware* PG stands for Peter Gutmann

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