East-Tec DisposeSecure It was an effort to create the “Killdisk” for this program.  I had to find copies of MS-DOS system files in order to create the CD-Rom.  Some disk wipe programs supply a version of DOS or Linux, but not DisposeSecure.

After hunting around for the required MS-DOS files, I had the bootable CD.

After navigating though a number of options screens, the disk wipe started wiping.

But my heart wasn’t in it.  I don’t like the program.  Perhaps it was the effort needed to find the MS-DOS files, or the fact that the evaluation copy only does 25% of the disk.

Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this product.  There are FREE products which work as well.  And commercial vendors (Jetico with BCWipe), who offer you a fully functional evaluation copy.

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