BCWipe Total WipeOut BCWipe was the very first disk wipe program I ever used.  So I have some fondness for it.  Having said that, the create “Bootable USB disk” wizard had some strange “No Disk” errors.  I got it to create a bootable USB, but I was disappointed with the error.

Regardless, if you needed to buy a commercial product, this would be the one I’d buy.  For the logging function it has, and the fact that Jetico have been in the market for a long time.

Version tested: BCWipe Total WipeOut 2.30

Plus points:

  • I like the amount of detail that BCWipe captures to it’s log file
    BCWipe Total WipeOut Details screen
  • Built-in disk hex viewer.
  • it still is being actively developed.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Biggest beef was the create Bootable USB Disk Wizard, with it’s “No disk” error.
    BCWipe Total WipeOut Configuration Wizard 

Test notes:

  • Accepted the defaults, which was US DoD 5220-22M
    This meant 7 wipe passes, which took 283 mins.
    A one pass Zero wipe took 39 mins
  • Other wipe options are:
    Peter Gutmann’s
    Bruce Schneier’s
    3-pass US DoD 5220-22M
    One-pass random
    US DoE 

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