erazer A single pass wipe, with verify.  The product I’d recommend?

Personal use
Active@KillDisk Free.  The free version only does one pass, so there’s not much to configure.  It was a close tie between this product, and my second choice, Darik’s Boot & Nuke.

The feature which won me over?  The utility to create a bootable USB memory stick “kill disk”.

Second choice: Darik’s Boot & Nuke.
DBAN is the choice most computer technicians I know make.  I tripped across the “let’s hang if the laptop has a card reader” bug.  That put me off DBAN.  I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

Business use
  The only commercially targeted product which offers a fully-functional evaluation copy.  That counts for a lot in my opinion.  BCWipe is also being actively developed (another plus).  Go read my test of BCWipe for the rest of the details.

Summary of disk wipe products

Software Free Review link Price from
Highly recommended
Active@ KillDisk Free Yes. 68 minutes
Darik’s Boot and Nuke Yes 197 minutes
BCWipe Total WipeOut v.2.3 No 39 minutes
CBL Data Shredder Yes 68 minutes
CopyWipe Yes 89 minutes
Not tested
Acronis® Drive Cleanser® 6.0 No $61
Active@ KillDisk No $40
Blancco No (soon)
CyberScrub CyberCide No $30
Destroy & Destroy Lite No $48
Disk Wipe No $49
Secure Erase Yes
EBAN 2.1 No ??
Iolo DriveScrubber No $20
OnTrack – Eraser No $60
WhiteCanyon WipeDrive No $20
Not recommended
East-Tec DisposeSecure No did not bother $20
O&O SafeErase 4 Failed. $30
PC INSPECTOR e-maxx Yes Failed.


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