There are people who do backups, and there are those who have not lost data yet.

I use the 3-2-1 Backup strategy, which is:

  • 3 copies of anything I want to keep
  • 2 different backup media types
  • 1 (at least) offsite storage location

In practice, it looks like this:

Wisefaq 3-2-1 Backup

Yes, it’s a bit complicated.  If could be less complicated:

  • if I used “the cloud” for my backup.
    Cost / limited bandwidth rules that out.
    (I backup 100’s of GB, so the cloud would get expensive fast).
  • if I used Windows Home Server.
    The backup software in WHS is image based.
    Image based backups would use Terabytes of space.
    To save space/cost, I’d need a file based backup.

My ideal solution?  Something like a DROBO-like device, which has built in disk encryption.

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