Amber MacArthurI had big hopes for File Shredder.  It installed cleanly, and when erasing, it looked nice.

File ShredderBut the test of any file erasing product is, does it erase files as it claims?

Yes and no.

, it seemed to have wiped the contents of the files, and deleted the files from the directory.
No, the file names were easily recoverable.  Which can be useful information in itself.
For example, do I want people to know I had a picture of Amber MacArthur, and that I listen to the No Agenda podcast?

Maybe not…

To my mind, if you are shredding files on a device, you want ALL traces of the file gone.
File Shredder fails to do this.

The solution?
Well one answer would to be to "Quick Format" the device after the "File Shredding".
A Quick Format will recreate the directory table, thus wiping the directory.
After I Quick Formatted, I was not able to recover anything from the drive.

Note: Quick Formatting assumes you have no other files on the device you want to keep.