erythema-ab-igne-sm - image courtesy of The Dermatology Blog - http://thedermblog.comI’ve written before about laptops and burns.  In a case from 2008, a 24 year old male suffered a second-degree burn on his thigh.  In this mornings news paper, there was an article titled

Laptops can cause ‘toasted skin syndrome’.  (the picture on the right is an example of "’toasted skin syndrome’.)

In one recent case, a 12-year-old boy developed a sponge-patterned skin discolouration on his left thigh after playing computer games a few hours every day for several months.

"He recognised that the laptop got hot on the left side; however, regardless of that, he did not change its position," Swiss researchers reported in an article published in the journal Paediatrics.

I’ll do a full write-up when I get a copy of the Paediatrics.article.

Update: You really should consider using a lap desk (Lifehacker article)