Windows Mobility Center

is one of those utilities which 3rd party vendors, such as Lenovo, offered.  If your laptop vendor didn’t offer it, you were s*** out of luck.  Thank you Microsoft for including something like this in Windows 7.

Windows Mobility Center

The downside?  Microsoft have not assigned a Windows hotkey combination to it, so you need to launch it by either: (corrected information courtesy of Andrew Cole)

The easiest way to launch Windows Mobility Center is by holding the Windows key down, and pressing X (thanks Andrew).  Other ways of launching Windows Mobility Center:

  1. entering “Mobility Center” into the Start Menu ‘Search programs and files’ box, or
  2. entering mblctr in the Windows Run box (Windows key + R key).

The advantage of option 2, is that you could create a desktop shortcut for later use.  Either for yourself, or for those users who give corporate presentations and don’t remember the Windows + X key combination.

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