Tim Tam ChillerTake half a packet of Arnott’s Tim Tams, roughly chop them up.  Add a cup and half of milk.  Then add some vanilla ice cream.


It’ll make what is known as a Tim Tam Thickshake; or a Tim Tam Chiller if you buy it from Gloria Jeans.

A friend asked me what I thought.  I said “it’s ok.”

Which is an understatement.

It has to be the best way ever devised to eat Tim Tams.  And helps stack on the calories, at an average of 490 calories.

It’s not just me that loves Tim Tam ‘shake, 80 people on the Facebook I love Gloria Jeans Arnott’s Tim Tam Chiller group agree.

And if you want to make your own, Arnott’s has the official recipe here.