Especially when someone from the AweSync Dev Team writes:

I’m from AweSync team. Thank you for the review. BTW: if your Lotus Notes username is changed you can contact our support and your product key will be reactivated without any fees. So, you will be able to activate it with a new Lotus Notes username.

(my emphasis)

I’ve used other Lotus Notes related products which expect you to buy a new license.  One product costed $220 per license, which made the pain of changing Lotus Notes account names, well painful.

Now, with the AweSync license at $20, I’d be willing to buy another license if I needed to, as AweSync is a bargain for the price.  AweSync doesn’t have to do that, but I like the fact that they’re willing to.

I’m also chuffed that someone from AweSync found the time to read my post about AweSync and CalSync.  The last company to do that?  LastPass.